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Catalytic-High Activity Carbon removes
free chlorine and most other volatile organic
chemicals from the water.

http://freedomschool.ca/?__hstc=90186117.07430159d50a3c91e72c280a7921bf0d.1505174400124.1505174400125.1505174400126.1 Cation Resin (16% Cross-link)
Removes Calcium, Magnesium, iron, and many
other hard water minerals. In the Pinnacle series
we use a special high capacity 16% cross-link
resin which is extremely chlorine resistant and
also regenerates well with either sodium or
potassium chloride. Garnet
This finer filtering media next to the washed
quartz base prevents other media from packing
around the distributor and reducing the flow rate.

Washed Quartz
Provides a solid base for the media to rest upon,
preventing channeling of the media and maximizing
flow rates.